The Top Pool Design Trends for This Year

If you’re looking for the top pool design styles, our team at Art & Mosaics has you covered! We are at the forefront of swimming pool design and are excited to share the top trends we’ve seen shaping poolscapes in New Jersey this year. Learn more below!

Mosaic Tile Masterpieces

Mosaic tile pool designs continue to be the crowning jewel of poolscapes. Mosaic tiles offer a timeless allure that resonates with New Jersey’s homeowners. The intricate patterns and stunning murals created with mosaic tiles allow homeowners to infuse their pool with unique artistry. At Art & Mosaics, we specialize in crafting custom mosaic tile pools that are a true embodiment of luxury and craftsmanship.

In-Pool Seating for Ultimate Comfort

For those who seek the perfect blend of relaxation and style, in-pool seating is making waves. Submerged loungers, built-in benches, and sunken seating areas are becoming popular choices for homeowners. These features offer an exceptional way to unwind while staying cool and connected with friends and family.

Indoor Pools for Year-Round Enjoyment

Indoor pools are gaining popularity, providing homeowners with the luxury of swimming year-round, regardless of the weather outside. Beyond the convenience, indoor pools offer enhanced privacy, architectural elegance, and opportunities for health and wellness, making them a coveted addition.

Poolside Cabanas and Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating a complete outdoor experience, poolside cabanas and outdoor living spaces are all the rage. These additions transform the pool area into an all-encompassing oasis, perfect for relaxation and entertaining. Whether it’s outdoor kitchens, lounging areas, or cabanas with a view, homeowners are taking outdoor living to the next level.

Our team at Art & Mosaics is excited to share these trends with you, and we would love to help you transform your New Jersey outdoor space into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of with our luxury mosaic tile pool service. View our portfolio to see some examples of our work, and then reach out when you’re ready for us to design your dream pool. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at the forefront of pool design trends and enjoy a summer season filled with elegance, comfort, and relaxation.