Mosaic Tile Design

A World Class Team of Mosaic Tile Artists & Designers.


As one of the top 5 mosaic tile artists in the world, Danilo Bonazza has created and conceptualized award winning design pieces for over two decades.

Gaining early acclaim in Europe, Danilo has now created a well deserved reputation for unparralled artistic vision and impeccalbe execustion. 

Discerning clients all over the world seek the mosaic artisty and design talents of Danilo and his team of tile experts.

Craftsmanship & attention to detail.


With a track record for producing some of the most astonishingly and eye catching mosaic designs in the world, Danilo has brought his expertise to a multitude of projects all over the world. 

During a 20 year span, Danilo has had the privilege to create mosaic art masterpieces in some of the most high end commercial buildings and private residences in the world.  Now, it’s your turn to consult with him and discuss a mosaic tile vision that will highlight your property or adorn your wall.