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Commission Your Original Piece of Mosaic Artwork.

If you collect or enjoy original artwork for your home or business, consider adding a stunning Danilo Bonazza Mosaic Masterpiece to your portfolio.

The award-winning mosaic artwork of Danilo Bonazza is highly sought after and is currently in the collection of celebrities and his artwork adorns the walls  of luxury commercial properties around the world.

From his awe-inspiring mosaic celebrity portraits, to his breathtaking  intepretations of famous artworks created by world renowned masters, his technique and detail pushes the boundaries of what can be done using the mosaic medium.

American icon Marylin Monroe is featured in this breathtaking mosaic portrait created in 2020

An original mosaic portrait and artistic vision created by Danilo Bonazza

The talent & Heart of Jimy Hendrix inspired this 2021 mosaic portrait

The Persistence of Memory captured Danilo’s imagination since he was a child. In 2023 he decided to create a mosaic rendition.

Danilo decided to create an homage piece to this iconic musician that inspired millions of people 

Danilo always thought that Starry night is one of the best painting to be “translated” into mosaics

As ones of Danilo’s favorite movies, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are both seen by many as two of the greatest films of all time.

A beautiful mosaic rendition of the most famous scene of this incredible movie The Shining

What famous celebrity or scene would you like to see Danilo create in mosaic Italian glass tile?  Click here and weigh in with your favorite subject matter and see some of Danilo’s latest inspirations. 

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Jimi Hendrix

John Lennon

Marilyn Monroe


The Shining

The Starry Night

The Persistence of Memory

Marlon Brando

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