Beauty has no boundaries.

The name of Danilo Bonazza is synonymous with artisan excellence all over the world.


Inspired by perfection.

There are no limits to the attention to detail, the research of materials and the refinement of finishes.


Tailor made mosaic tile.

Any dream can be realized with decades of experience on the most high and custom projects.


Hand Crafted Mosaic Tile Creations By Danilo Bonazza.

When you seek the ultimate in artistic expression and truly luxurious mosaic tile intallations, why not get your consultation from world renowned mosaic tile artist, Danilo Bonazza and explore the unlimited design potential of glass mosaic tile.

One of the top 5 mosaic artists in the world,  clients across the globe seek his commission for luxury glass tile pool interiors, original mosaic tile artwork and custom mosaic murals.  Using the finest imported glass Italian tile, Bonazza works one-on-one with every client to bring ANY design vision to life.

From massive commercial murals that become the centerpiece of a hotel lobby, to the breathtaking mosaic tile bathroom of Ivanka Trump, Art & Mosaics creates masterpieces in every shape, size and subject matter.


We Specialize In

Awe-Inspiring Tile Swimming Pools

One of the most rewarding and opulent mosaic specialties that we offer is the construction of FULL MOSAIC TILE POOLS.  In fact, no pool company in the world has the capabilities or artistry that rival Danilo and his team of pool tile artisans.

“My personal promise to you: When you work with me for a mosaic pool project, mosaic mural or commissioned piece of mosaic artwork, YOU GET MY FULL ATTENTION.” 

We only work on ONE project at a time and we guarantee unsurpassed quality with your mosaic tile installation anywhere in the world.  As a global brand, Art & Mosaics travels the world to create and install our mosaic tile masterpieces. 

Mosaics Offer Unlimted Creative Freedom For Luxury Deisgn.  See Our Portfolio For Inspiration Now

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