Mosaics are a great way to enhance the value and the appearance of a space.

Mosaic tile artist – Danilo Bonazza specializes in the design and installation of glass tile mosaics. An expert in the installation of luxury glass pool tile interiors, Bonazza is one of the leading tile artisans in the world and makes his home in New Jersey.

Besides the installation itself, there are numerous factors involved that must be considered in order to achieve a good and lasting result:

  • Having a complete knowledge of all the working procedures and surfaces on which the mosaics will be laid is essential.
  • Knowing the result that is sought, and having a clear plan to obtain it.
  • Using the correct techniques after dealing with the initial drawings and sketches.
  • Respecting the materials with which we are working.

Art & Mosaics also evaluates the different possibilities in the project itself that most efficiently satisfies the client.

Our Services

We provide professional expert mosaic tile installation anywhere in the world. As artisans we travel the world installing high end mosaic artwork.

Mosaic Pool Tile Installation

As a premium installer of artistic mosaic tile, Art & Mosaics is an industry leader in luxury mosaic pool tile interi...

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Backsplash Ideas for your Kitchen

We specialize in Mosaic Tile Design. As world acclaimed tile artists we've been fortunate and priviledged to work on ...

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Mosaic Tile Installation

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Here are some of the most interesting projects that I made all around the world.

Sky Cloud Mosaic Tile Interior

Sky Cloud Mosaic Tile Interior There are over 370,000 hand lain mosaic tiles in this room to assemble this sophisticated...

Mosaic Tile Pool Interior – Saskatchewan

Mosaic Tile Pool Interior Mosaic Tile Pool Interior Remodel of an existing swimming pool. Demo'ed the existing plaster and rebuilt...

Mosaic Pool Tile – Manzi Hotel

Mosaic Pool Tile Mosaic Pool Tile Installation - Manzi Hotel Multiple pools and spas. Ischia, Italy - 50 miles off...

Mosaic Pool – Long Port

Mosaic Pool Design Mosaic Pool - Long Port Beautiful wooden deck with an infinity edge around the perimiter of the...

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Mosaic Tile Installation

Danilo Bonazza

Born in Ravenna, Italy, in 1974, Danilo Bonazza was immediately drawn to and inspired by the art and mosaics for which his city is famous. At a young age, he attended various art classes where he began to combine his love of drawing with the art of mosaic tile. His passion for creating these works eventually led to his….
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