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Mosaic Tile Installation

Mosaic tiles are perfect for upgrading your inground swimming pool into a tranquil oasis. However, mosaic tile installation is not easy. It is advisable to find a reliable company like Art and Mosaics to install mosaic tiles in your pool. We, Art and Mosaics, have extensive experience in installing mosaic tiles. You can rely on us to deliver a job well done. Hire our tile installation experts and transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps involved in pool mosaic tile installation.

Mosaic Tile Installation
Learn about Mosaic Tile Installation from industry expert Danillo Bonazza

Step by step process of installing mosaic pool tiles

Step one: Prep the pool surface

It is important to prepare the respective pool surface. Typically, the surface should be even. After draining and cleaning the pool, check whether the surface is even using a straightedge. If you discover some hollow spaces on the surface, use a joint compound to flatten them out. Nonetheless, note that it is advisable to use a thin-set on wet/damp surfaces. After applying the joint compound or thin-set, allow it to harden before you proceed to the next step.

Step two: Plan the tile layout

It would be best if you planned the tile layout before you proceed with the installation. Do this by drawing intersecting, perpendicular lines on the entire pool surface depending on the mosaic tile size. Planning the tile layout enables you to have a perfect square grout. Remember, you want your work to look as neat as possible. So, don’t skip this process.

Step three: Apply adhesive on the first quadrant

Take the mosaic tiles and place them somewhere you can easily access them. Then begin installing the tiles from the center of the layout. Starting from the center makes it easier for you to have a neat job. During installation, it is best to start by applying a thin layer of adhesive on one of the center’s tile layout squares.

Use a trowel for application. Avoid applying thick layers of adhesive if you want positive results. Despite being a pro, the joint compound or thin-setting might get into the grout spaces. Use an old toothbrush to remove some of the thin-set and joint compounds from the tiles after installation. However, you have to let the thin-set stay on the pool surface for some time.

Step four: Install the mosaic sheet on the first quadrant

After applying adhesive:

  1. Take the mosaic tiles and place them in the first quadrant.
  2. Use the tile layout to make sure you have a neatly arranged mosaic sheet.
  3. Ensure that all the grout spaces are even on the entire working surface.

Step five: Allow the pool tiles to set

Unlike normal tiles, mosaic tiles require you to set them until the surface becomes completely even. Press the tiles gently onto the pool surface using plywood and a rubber mallet. Continue tapping the whole mosaic sheet until it becomes flat. Note that most mosaic sheets do not flatten easily. But constant pressing helps the surface stay even. As you do this, ensure that all spaces in between the sheets are uniform.

Step six: Trim the edges of the quadrant

More often than not, you require trimming the sheet around the edges. Use a sharp utility knife to cut the fiberglass mesh or the edge tiles. Then cover the edges using other materials like baseboard moldings and cove tiles to make sure you have a neat sheet. Additionally, if you need to cut individual tiles, use a wet saw.

Step seven: Proceed to other quadrants

Since you have already completed one quadrant, repeat the process for the remaining surface. Always ensure you start from the center of each quadrant and finish with the edges.

Step eight: Put up the trim pool tiles

Finalize mosaic tile installation by putting up your accent tiles. Use the same adhesive to set them in place. Then, leave the tiles to harden before you proceed to apply grout.

Mosaic Tile Installation

Step nine: Mix the grout

Once all the mosaic tiles get hardened, continue with grouting. Use pre-mixed grout if the project is small. On the flip side, mix the grout just before application if you are dealing with a large surface. Apply the grout across the pool tile surface and force it in the joint spaces. Ensure you fill all joints with the grout. After application, leave the grout to dry, then wipe off the tile’s surface to remove excess grout.

Step ten: Seal the grout lines

Generally, tile grout has high porosity. If left like that, grout spaces would harbor dirt, bacteria among other microorganisms. Therefore, it is essential to seal the grout lines, especially in your pool, since it is in contact with water at all times. However, you have to wait for the grout to cure completely before you seal it. Then, apply an effective sealant over the tile surface, and wipe off any excess product. Leave the pool to cure for at least 20 days before refilling it with water.

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