How to Choose the Right Glass Tile for Your Swimming Pool

What We Bring To The Job

Ever since we first started working with pool builders, we’ve brought our design aesthetic and expertise in mosaic pool tile installation to a myriad of exciting projects around the globe. Our expertise as one of the industries leading experts in Mosaic Pool Tiles has led us to be one of the most highly sought after mosaic tile installation firms in the world.

Our knowledge and experience in working in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years has led to many amazing projects. One of the most fundamental and important things to consider when hiring a mosaic tile installer is to pick a company with the pedigree of designing high end luxury swimming pool interiors. It is without a doubt, our unique and distinct privilege to bring our creative energy and artistic vision that turns the average pool interior from ordinary to extraordinary.

Quite often, many pool builders depend on us because we have the industry expertise to handle and solve problems as they occur. For instance, some pools are off-level. When confronted with a surface that isn’t perfectly square or crooked can often lead to a problematic installation. Unseasoned installers quite often lack the experience to solve complex problems.  Veterans like Art & Mosaics have been installing pool tile mosaics for a generation. We have the expertise to ensure the proper preparation. Consequenly, this leads to an installation that is straight, plumb, smooth and properly prepared for the tile to adhere properly.

Our Recent Projects

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