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Generally, the design and materials used to construct your swimming pool will determine the level of aesthetics it offers. Thus, choosing the perfect finish for your pool is crucial. If possible, hire a professional pool designer to select the best finish material for you. At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool finish materials you can use. Some include glass tiles, mosaic tiles, and porcelain tiles. Each pool tile offers distinctive benefits. So, before you settle for a particular option, ensure you weigh the pros and cons of the pool tiles.

What is an Iridescent Tile Finish?

Have you ever heard of an iridescent tile finish? This tile finish undoubtedly adds a whole new charm to your backyard space. The iridescent tile finish resembles a soap bubble since it changes color when exposed to different light angles. Subsequently, it has an exceptional visual effect. This tile finish makes your pool look elegant and glamorous. Over the years, the iridescent tile finish has increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. You can find it in many pool stores and online platforms. One of the major advantages of this tile finish is that it comes in different designs and colors. Thus, you can always find an option that complements your pool.

Is Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile the best option available?

Pool experts report that the iridescent glass mosaic is the best swimming pool tile. This glass tile is strong enough to withstand harsh climatic conditions and is highly resistant to water. Unlike most pool tiles, glass tile is not porous. Thus, water cannot seep into the tiles. You won’t need to seal it every few years. Installing this kind of pool finish keeps your pool looking good for years. So, consider improving your swimming pool using this tile finish.

Benefits of the iridescent pool tile

Excellent aesthetics:

One of the main advantages of the iridescent finish is that it offers exceptional aesthetics. This pool finish provides a dazzling effect and changes color when exposed to different lighting. Experts report that no other pool tile is able to create this visual effect. The iridescent tile finish comes in a wide array of colors and designs. Thus, you can always find an option that complements your requirements.


The iridescent tile finish offers excellent adaptability. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is strong enough to survive harsh external conditions for an extended period. Therefore, consider using it in your indoor area, water features, and pool surface. You can make the most of an iridescent tile finish.


Another advantage of using the iridescent tile finish on your pool is that it offers maximum longevity. In particular, the glass iridescent tile finish is non-porous, water-resistant, and weather-resistant. Thus, you only have to deal with a few repairs and replacements in the long run. Although expensive at the onset, this pool finish incorporates minimal lifetime costs.

Iridescent Mosaic Tile Ideas in 2021

Go red!

One of the most popular ideas to boost the aesthetics of your pool is using red iridescent mosaic tiles. Red creates a contrast with your swimming pool. Hence, it creates an illusional effect of more depth. Red also complements most colors, so it is ideal for many types of yards.

Vibrant Colors on a Glass Mosaic

Instead of settling for only red tiles, you can choose iridescent tiles of different colors. Ensure that the colors are bright enough when installed in the pool to attract attention. Multi-colored iridescent pool tiles make your pool more inviting.

Regardless of the design you choose, ensure it matches your backyard and pool.

Factors to consider before installing the iridescent tile finish

Tile size:

As a pool owner, you have to consider the tile size before installation. The iridescent tile finish should have small to medium-sized tile pieces. Typically, large tiles are not as durable as small tiles. Therefore, always go for smaller tiles. Additionally, smaller tiles offer more aesthetic appeal than larger tiles. It would be best to consult a professional on the best iridescent tile size to use.


Although the iridescent glass finish is the best, it may not cater to all your requirements. Glass finish is expensive. So, you may opt for another material. Regardless of the material you choose, ensure it offers maximum durability.


You have to purchase an iridescent pool tile that complements your pool. So, always settle for good color. Experts often recommend going for multi-colored options since they blend well with different pool and yard designs. Ensure that the color you choose makes your pool more appealing.


It is clear to see that an iridescent tile finish can transform your pool into a glowing oasis. Even so, you have to hire a dependable pool contractor to put up this finish for you. We, Art and Mosaics, have the best pool professionals who focus on installing quality iridescent pool tiles.

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