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Mosaic Tile Pools

At this moment in time, there is a wide array of pool finishing options in the market. Each pool finish is unique and offers different functionality. Pool owners need to settle for a quality pool finish that offers maximum longevity. One of the best pool finish options now is the mosaic pool tile. Mosaic tile pools are stunning and last for decades. In this article, we look at why you should consider mosaic tiles for your pool.


Why choose mosaic tile pools?

Generally, pool tiles are a better finishing option since they are more durable than other pool finish materials. Also, if one or two of your pool tiles experience a defect, you don’t have to resurface the whole swimming pool. On the flip side, if you have a plaster pool, you have to resurface the entire pool every 5 to 7 years.

Excellent aesthetics: Mosaic swimming pools are breathtaking

Mosaic swimming pools are more appealing since they are highly customized. Mosaic pool tiles come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Consequently, pool owners can find the best mosaic tiles to complement their pool. Also, you can customize your mosaic pool tiles to match your requirements. In turn, you invigorate your yard into a first-class holiday resort. Typically, mosaic pool tiles are beautiful; hence they make the pool more attractive. Most pool experts often recommend glass mosaic pool tiles if you are more focused on aesthetics.

High durability: Mosaic tile pools have low porosity

Mosaic pool tiles do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they are perfect for swimming pools. Mosaic pool tiles do not rust when in contact with water; thus, they make the pool last longer. Also, they act as a protective sealant that prevents pool leaks. Since these pool tiles are highly resistant to moisture, it is hard for them to accommodate bacterial growth. Compared to other pools, mosaic tile pools offer high durability. Mosaic tiles in pools stay in good condition for a long time. Thus, you won’t have to resurface the pool frequently. Subsequently, you significantly cut down on your repair costs.

Simple to clean and maintain

Aside from offering high longevity, mosaic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other pools with different finishing materials, mosaic pools do not get dirty often. Also, since they are resistant to moisture, they do not accommodate bacteria or fungi growth. As a result, you won’t use a lot of time and effort to clean the pool. Mosaic pool tiles are also chemical resistant. You’ll spend less when maintaining them. And even if mosaic pool tiles deteriorate, you don’t have to resurface the entire pool.

Mosaic tile pools vs. Glass mosaic tile pools

Contrary to popular belief, glass mosaic pool tiles offer high longevity as well. Most people think that glass pool tiles would shatter due to harsh climatic conditions. But this is impossible. Glass mosaic tiles are actually more durable than other pool finish options since they are highly resistant to thermal shock. Simply put, glass mosaic tile pools are uniquely designed to withstand external pressure.

And like standard mosaic pool tiles, they are resistant to Ultraviolet rays, extreme low and high temperatures. The difference between mosaic tile pools and glass mosaic tile pools is glass mosaic tiles incorporate glass material. On the other hand, mosaic pool tiles is a general term used to refer to all types of mosaic tiles in pools. Nevertheless, note that the aesthetics offered by glass mosaic tiles are exceptional.


Mosaic Pool Tiles vs. Plaster finish

Back in the day, plaster was the most common pool finish material due to its low price. But plaster is not as durable and appealing as other pool finish options. Although plaster comes in different colors, sizes, and designs, there are better finish options. With plaster, you need to resurface your pool every 5 to 7 years on average. Plaster is also porous; hence it encourages the growth of bacteria in the pools. On the other hand, mosaic pool tiles have low porosity and offer better aesthetics. Pool professionals advise choosing mosaic pool tiles over plaster.

Mosaic Tiles vs. Aggregate finish

Aggregate is also becoming a popular pool finish option with time. Aggregate is more durable and appealing than plaster. However, it does not beat mosaic pool tiles. Mosaic pool tiles offer better aesthetics, longevity, and functionality when compared to aggregate. And although you’ll spend more installing mosaic pool tiles, they are worth it in the long run.

Are mosaic tile pools worth the purchase?

The type of pool finish determines the lifespan of the pool. Therefore, it is important to install a high-quality finish that incorporates less maintenance. This way, you won’t spend much on resurfacing the pool in the future. At the end of the day, mosaic tile pools are worth the investment compared to other pool finishes. Nonetheless, you have to purchase these tiles from a reliable manufacturer like Art and Mosaics. Here at Art and Mosaics, we offer the best mosaic pool tiles that transform your pool into a radiant oasis. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need mosaic pool tiles.

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