Hotel Manzi outdoor pool

How We Work With Pool Builders

Our methodology of working with pool builders is to take over the project as soon as the pool shell is ready. This ensures an accurate 100% flawless installation of a mosaic tile pool interior. Many times we are called in by some of the leading pool construction firms around the world, simply because we have a deep expertise in assembling incredibly intricate mosaic art pieces in the pool.

Our very first pool projects decades ago gave us the inspiration to continue a career in installing elaborate, functional art pieces using the swimming pool as our canvas. When considering how a mosaic tile installation must be sourced, it’s often up to pool builders to choose an artisan with the creativity and construction know how to ensure a flawless install.

The experience we have in luxury inground pool mosaic tile installations is just one aspect of our design repertoire. We are journeymen craftsmen with a wealth of experience pertaining to nearly every single aspect of mosaic tile installations. This above all else is why we are often referred by pool builders around the world.

Our Recent Projects

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