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Swimming pools are undoubtedly excellent sources of entertainment and aesthetics. A pool can switch up your yard into a first-class oasis. Even so, you have to incorporate the right features to make the pool more appealing. Some of the best water features to add to your pool include lighting, decks, slides, and waterfalls. If you want your pool to offer exceptional aesthetics, consider adding glass tiles to the pool. Although relatively costly, glass tiles create a stylish, modern, and luxurious view of your pool. Nevertheless, there are several factors you need to consider before choosing the right glass tile for your swimming pool.

How to Choose the Right Glass Tile for Your Swimming PoolFactors to consider when choosing the right glass tile for your swimming pool

The glass tile price: Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a glass tile. You have to compare your budget with the glass tile cost. This way, you’ll know whether you are able to purchase the glass tiles. Note that the cost of glass tiles varies depending on several factors. Some of these factors include the design and number of tiles. If you have a bigger pool, you will have to spend more since purchasing more tiles. Always try your best to buy glass tile from a reliable manufacturer.

Never forget about safety:

Your glass tiles need to look aesthetically pleasing. However, don’t overlook safety over aesthetics. Remember, the tiles you are buying are for your swimming pool. Therefore, they should be slip-resistant. Otherwise, they would pose a danger to swimmers. It is possible to find a beautiful tile that is safe for pool use. All in all, ensure the glass tile offers both excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Slip-Resistant qualities:

Before purchasing pool glass tiles, you have to ensure they are slip-resistant. Slippery tiles end up causing severe accidents in the pool. Contrary to popular belief, pool glass tiles are specially designed to be slip-resistant. So, don’t be afraid of buying glass tiles because you think they are slippery. Always consult your manufacturer on the best slip-resistant glass tile to purchase.

High-end aesthetics:

Unquestionably, glass tiles offer exceptional aesthetics to the pool. Remember, glass is lustrous. When water is added to a pool with glass tiles, the glass shimmers, making the pool more inviting. A good percentage of world-class pools feature glass tiles. The only problem with glass tile is the cost. But these tiles offer the best aesthetics compared to all other pool finishes.

Design and size of the glass tile:

Choosing the right glass tile for your swimming pool requires you to analyze the size and design of the pool tile. Doing this helps you calculate the installation and lifetime costs. For instance, if you choose bigger tiles, you won’t spend much on cleaning and maintenance. This is because larger glass tiles do not have a lot of dirt-build up than smaller tiles. However, smaller tiles are often more aesthetically pleasing compared to larger tiles. Smaller tiles are also more customizable and perfect for mosaic layouts. Identifying the design of your glass tiles help you determine the installation costs. The more complex the glass tile design, the more expensive it will be.

Color of the pool tile:

You cannot buy a glass tile before evaluating its color. Glass tiles come in a wide array of colors and designs. Always choose a color or pattern that complements the pool and your outdoor space. For example, think about choosing glass tiles that have the same color as your outdoor furniture. Bright-colored glass tiles are also a good option for swimming pools. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference. If you have no idea how to go about this process, consider contacting a professional.

How to Choose the Right Glass Tile for Your Swimming PoolThe maintenance procedure for the glass tile:

Glass tiles often incorporate high lifetime costs. But this varies based on various factors. As mentioned earlier, larger tiles require less maintenance than smaller tiles. When purchasing glass tile for your swimming pool, consult your manufacturer. Allow them to advise you on the best glass pool tiles that require less maintenance. Generally, your glass tiles should be easy to clean and install. Avoid purchasing glass tiles that are hard to clean and maintain.

Choosing the right glass tile

The factors above help you settle for the right glass tile that offers both great functionality and aesthetics. So, before buying glass pool tiles, analyze several factors like the size, cost, and design of the glass tile. Moreover, evaluate your requirements to see if they match the glass tiles you plan to purchase.

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