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Mosaic artwork pieces are popularly known for offering a wide range of benefits. As a result, they are commonly used in constructing buildings and swimming pools. Generally, mosaic refers to artwork that incorporates ceramic, glass, or stone tile pieces. Mosaic artwork is often used to improve the overall aesthetics of a property. But how long does it take to come up with an average mosaic artwork piece? Luckily, coming up with a mosaic artwork piece is not as complex as most people think. All you need to do is follow the correct procedure and use the right equipment.

How Long Does an Average Mosaic Artwork Piece Take?The time taken to create a mosaic artwork piece

Typically, the time you take to come up with an average mosaic artwork piece depends on various factors. But generally, it takes a full day (24 hours) to create an indoor mosaic piece. However, this only happens if you used traditional mortar to make the mosaic art piece. On the flip side, coming up with an outdoor mosaic piece takes approximately 72 hours. More often than not, this duration depends on the type of adhesive you use. For instance, acrylic-based adhesives and epoxy need approximately 12 to 24 hours to set.

When coming up with an average mosaic artwork piece, you need to be creative. Remember, the outcome should be aesthetically pleasing. So, you have to settle for the best design and color for the artwork. Also, you need to pay careful attention to detail. This way, you’ll know the right materials to use on the mosaic piece. But this does not mean that you have to be a mosaic expert to create a mosaic piece. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to hire a professional to create the mosaic art piece for you.

How do you create a mosaic artwork piece?

Typically, there are two primary ways of coming up with an average mosaic artwork piece. They include direct and indirect methods. The direct technique entails placing the tiny mosaic pieces directly on the base. For example, if you place ceramic pieces directly on a table or planter, you are using the direct technique. On the flip side, the tiles are first placed on a backing paper in the indirect technique. Then, they are later transferred to the final base. Individuals love using the indirect technique when working with larger projects.

How to Make a Mosaic

Suppose you want to make a mosaic artwork piece; below are some materials you’ll need.

A base

Your base could be any flat surface, a table, a planter, among many others.


You need adhesive to set your mosaic pieces on the base. Experts advise using acrylic-based adhesives or epoxy. Generally, the adhesive should strongly secure all the mosaic pieces on the base for a long time.

Mosaic pieces

Usually, mosaic pieces can either be glass, stone, or ceramic tiles. The material you choose often depends on your requirements. Alternatively, you can use a blend of different materials.


When making a mosaic artwork piece, you need grout to fill in the spaces between the tile.

How Long Does an Average Mosaic Artwork Piece Take?Sealant

You’ll also need a sealant to safeguard your tiles from damage.

A step-by-step process of creating an average mosaic artwork piece

  1. Once you have all your materials ready, start by coming up with a layout. Take your base or surface and sketch the mosaic pattern. You can use a pencil or a permanent marker for this. Note that before sketching, you have to have an idea in mind. Also, your sketch should be able to fit the base. If you have the sketch on paper, use tracing paper to formulate the layout. The layout could be any pattern. So, get creative and enjoy the process!
  2. Start placing the tiles on the layout to get a preview of the artwork piece. Doing this enables you to make any necessary changes to the art piece.
  3. After getting satisfied with the preview, start placing the tiles on the base using adhesive. You can spread the adhesive across the base first. Then, start attaching the tiles on the base according to the layout. Alternatively, apply adhesive on each tile. Then, start sticking the tiles, one by one, onto the base. The technique you choose to apply adhesive depends on your preference and layout. Nonetheless, ensure all tiles are firmly held onto the base neatly.
  4. Once you attach all the tile pieces, leave the adhesive set for about 24 to 72 hours.
  5. Afterward, start applying the grout across the mosaic artwork piece. Focus on applying the grout in between the tile spaces. Then, wipe off any excess grout on the tiles. Use a putty knife for grout application.
  6. Once the grout has set, apply sealant across the mosaic piece. Doing this protects it from damage.

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Coming up with an average mosaic artwork piece is a pretty straightforward process. Besides, it takes only 24 to 72 hours for the mosaic piece to be complete. If you need any mosaic installation services, do not hesitate to contact Arts and Mosaics. We offer the best mosaic installation services.

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