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Typically, mosaic tiles offer high longevity and remarkable aesthetics. Based on previous statistics, a good percentage of world-class pools incorporate mosaic tiles. When it comes to mosaic tiles, you have unlimited options. You can choose any color and design of mosaic tiles. Another reason mosaic tiles have become increasingly popular is that they are comfortable. Mosaic tiles are smooth and soft to the touch. Subsequently, they are gentle on swimmers’ feet. However, there are several factors to consider before purchasing New Jersey mosaic tiles.

Factors to Consider When Buying New Jersey Mosaic TilesThings to consider when buying New Jersey mosaic tiles.

The mosaic tile material:

Mosaic tiles usually come in two different types; glass mosaics and glazed ceramic mosaics. Each of these pool tiles offers unique pros, and cons. Glass mosaic delivers the best aesthetics. However, it is more costly than glazed ceramic mosaics. Each tile offers great functionality. So, evaluate your needs to find the best mosaic tile option. Regardless of the mosaic tile you choose, ensure it can withstand water 24/7 and extreme temperature fluctuations. The mosaic tiles should be uniquely designed for pool use. Ultimately, choose strong and durable mosaic tiles.

The color of the tile:

Generally, the color of your pool tiles should complement your outdoor space. It would be best to choose blue shades for the mosaic tiles. Screaming colors may not go well with your pool. Neutral colors are also not ideal in mosaic pool tiles. Consult a professional on the best mosaic tile color to use.

Tile Size and Pattern:

When buying New Jersey mosaic tiles, you need to evaluate the different patterns and sizes. The size of your mosaic pool tiles should match the size of the pool. For instance, avoid installing large pool tiles if you have a small pool. On the other hand, bigger pool tiles will work best for you if you have a large pool. The pattern of your mosaic tiles should also match your outdoor space.

Mosaic tile design:

Currently, there is a broad spectrum of mosaic tile design options. Generally, different designs cater to different requirements. Ensure the design you choose complements the aesthetic appeal of the pool. Moreover, it would be best to go for modern designs to attract a larger customer base if you have a commercial pool.

Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Glass mosaic pool tiles are the most expensive pool finish. Their aesthetics are out of this world. They are lustrous and transform your outdoor space into a premium oasis. Install glass mosaic pool tiles if you want to construct a high-end pool. Contrary to popular opinion, glass tiles are highly durable. These tiles can last for decades.

There are different types of glass mosaic tiles. They exist in different designs, patterns, and colors. Ensure the glass mosaic tiles you purchase are specifically meant for pool use. There are a lot of differences between regular glass mosaic tile and pool glass mosaic tile.

Does the color of mosaic tiles affect pool water?

The color of your mosaic pool tiles has a great effect on the color of your pool water. So, it is essential to wisely choose your mosaic pool tile color wisely. For instance, high-end resorts love using white glass mosaic pool tiles for class and tranquility. As a result, the water in these pools looks sky blue, hence offering serenity in your outdoor area.

Different New Jersey mosaic pool tile color options


Blue shades are ideal for pool tiles. They make the pool water look blue. However, note that the pool tiles will take the color of your tiles. If you have dark blue tiles, expect the pool water to be darker. On the other hand, if your pool tiles have a light blue shade, the water will look the same. So, be careful with the shade of blue you select.


Cream is also a good mosaic pool tile option. They make the water appear sky blue. Cream mosaic pool tiles deliver an elegant look to your yard. Cream goes well with earthly hues. So, if your backyard space has a lot of brown shades, consider installing cream mosaic pool tiles.

Factors to Consider When Buying New Jersey Mosaic TilesGray:

Gray is beautiful in mosaic pool tiles. When it comes in contact with water, it creates a beautiful shade of blue. Thus, grey mosaic pool tiles make your outdoor space more appealing.


If you want a naturalistic theme in your yard, consider installing green mosaic pool tiles. These tiles make the pool look like a natural body of water. When using these tiles, design your landscape with green vegetation for better aesthetics.

Install New Jersey mosaic tiles today

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