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Pool tiles have become a popular pool finish option. Pool tiles deliver exceptional aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, if you are planning to use tiles as your pool finish, you are on the right track. Nonetheless, you have to ensure you settle for the right pool tiles. At present, there is a broad spectrum of New Jersey pool tile designs. Conduct thorough research on the best pool tiles to install. Alternatively, hire a reputable pool company like Art & Mosaics if you live in New Jersey. We have the best New Jersey pool tile experts who recommend the best pool tiles for you.

Everything You Need to Know about New Jersey Pool TileWhat is a pool tile? How is it different?

Pool tiles are uniquely designed for swimming pool use. These tiles are super durable and non-porous. They do not allow water to seep into the ground. The swimming pool environment is harsh for regular tiles. This is because the surface of the pool is wet at all times. Not to mention, swimming pools are in constant contact with chlorine and other pool chemicals. Outdoor swimming pools also come into contact with direct sunlight and rain. Fortunately, swimming pool tiles are built to withstand all fluctuations in temperature. Pool tiles incorporate a special coating that prevents fading and cracks.

Is there a difference between pool tiles and bathroom tiles?

Most people think that pool tiles are the same as bathroom tiles. Although these tiles have a lot in common, pool tiles are much stronger and more beautiful. However, both tiles are water-resistant, and hence they can last in damp areas for extended periods. However, unlike pool tiles, bathroom tiles cannot withstand constant exposure to water. Thus, don’t try bathroom tiles on your pool. Otherwise, you would be setting yourself up for disaster.

Benefits of pool tiles


One of the main advantages of pool tiles is that they are durable. Pool tiles can last for decades without replacement or repair. They are uniquely built to withstand harsh conditions. Therefore, they are stronger. Nevertheless, the durability of pool tiles depends on how you take care of them.


Pool tiles come in a wide array of color options. The best thing is that you can always customize your pool tiles to your preferred color. It would be best to select a color that offers a nice reflection of the pool. Also, choose a color that complements your outdoor space.

Achieve a premium finish:

Pool tiles bring an elegant look to your yard. Remember, there is a wide range of pool tile colors and designs. If you are building a world-class pool design, there are many pool tile options you can use.

Simple to clean:

Pool tiles are way simpler to clean than other finish options like plaster and pebble. You can clean pool tiles using a gentle pool brush. Pool tiles are smooth, giving you an easy time cleaning them.

Good for swimmers:

Pool tiles feel soft to the touch for swimmers. This makes swimmers enjoy the pool time. Additionally, it boosts pool safety since pool tiles are less likely to cause bruises or other injuries.

How long will my pool tile last?

As mentioned earlier, pool tiles can last for decades. Nonetheless, you have to take good care of your pool tiles to maximize their durability. Get a pool expert to examine your pool tiles from time to time. Fix all pool tile issues immediately and keep your pool chemistry balanced at all times. It is essential to purchasing pool tiles from a reputable manufacturer. This way, you can rest assured of quality and durability.

Everything You Need to Know about New Jersey Pool TileShould I tile my whole pool?

Typically, pool experts advise tiling the entire pool. A fully tiled pool protects the entire structure of the pool. In particular, pool tiles protect concrete shells from wear and tear. Therefore, when tiling your pool, focus on both the floor and the walls. Get a professional who can deliver a quality pool tiling procedure. Although tiling a whole pool is expensive, it helps you cut down on maintenance costs in the long run. Pool tiles are smooth and easy to maintain. When cleaned frequently, they rarely accumulate a buildup of pool chemicals or algae. Most pool tiles have epoxy grout, so they do not allow water to seep into the ground. Also, when conducting pool tile repairs, you don’t have to resurface the entire pool. You can work specifically on the damaged pool tiles.

Are you looking for New Jersey pool tile installation services?

At Art & Mosaics, we have the best pool tile experts who focus on making all your dreams come true. On your first consultation, we will take you through the best pool tile design options that cater to your needs. From there, we give you the freedom to choose your own pool tiles. Then, we proceed to deliver quality New Jersey pool tile installation. Contact us today

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