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It’s an indication of wealth and social prestige to have a pool. Make the most of your investment in a pool by getting the best you can afford. Pool tile designs are the sole thing that distinguishes one pool from the rest. We’re happy to be here to help you choose the right tile design to give your pool the beautiful look you want.

Best Pool Tile Designs 2022Consider using tile as a decorative accent if you’re building a pool. If you want to change the look of your current pool tile or want to resurface your pool with a new tile, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. An attractive option that you can use to create a unique backyard look. There’s a wide variety of pool tile designs, including a wide array of materials, textures, and styles, so that you may build a really one-of-a-kind pool in 2022.

Here are some pool tile designs to consider in 2022


Porcelain pool tile is widely available and comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. Porcelain is unquestionably one of the best and most functional materials in terms of pool tile designs. Porcelain’s non-porous properties make it a great choice for aquatic environments because of its durability. When ceramic tile is made stronger and more durable by firing it at a higher temperature, the result is porcelain.

Mosaic Tiles

You can add a splash of color to your pool design by including mosaic tiles. As with other types of pool tile designs, a wide selection of patterns and colors are available in mosaic. Porcelain, ceramic, or glass are combined to create a mosaic design in a swimming pool. They come in sheets that are simple to put on the edges or bottom of the pool.

Mosaic tiles on the bottom of your pool need regular cleaning every few years to eliminate any chemical buildups, mold, or algae.

Stone Tiles

Like ceramic tiles, stone tiles are another common choice for pool tile designs. These tiles are ideal for achieving a classical or Mediterranean architectural style in your backyard space. Natural elements in your landscape will flow seamlessly with the texture of these stones.

Adding stone tiles to the patio or deck will help the design flow. Bluestone, travertine, sandstone, flagstone, and slate are just a few options for stone pool tile designs. They are all beautiful and unique. Professionals apply a sealant to stone tiles every few years to protect them from water damage and stains.


The mineral deposits of natural springs are the source of travertine, a kind of limestone. It’s a natural stone with the same durability as granite and marble, but for a fraction of the price. There are a number of advantages to using travertine tiles for poolside applications, including their ease of installation and non-slip texture. As a bonus, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. However, there’s a likelihood of damage because of its porous nature.


Ceramic and porcelain are excellent possibilities for low-cost pool tile. Still, glass is a more expensive option. Glass tile designs are small square types created from recycled glass for a clean iridescent appearance. This makes them sustainable, but they’re virtually indestructible, in contrast to any other kind of pool tile.

Glass tiles are unbeatable when it comes to a variety of patterns and color options. Create the appearance of depth in your pool by using glass tile designs in darker colors MMCrypto. They also give your pool a luxurious feel. These tiles are suitable for both cold and hot areas.

Glass tiles may be beautiful, but installing them is a very different matter. The quality of the pool contractor’s workmanship is important to the immaculate appearance of the glass tiles. The installation process takes about 4 weeks to complete.

Best Pool Tile Designs 2022Ceramic

When it comes to pool tile designs, ceramic and porcelain are neck-in-neck for first place. This is due to the fact that it is water-resistant, low-cost, and long-lasting. On the other hand, ceramic is less water-resistant than porcelain and will therefore absorb more water. Homeowners and contractors alike can customize ceramic tile by painting or creating a mosaic design.

Ceramic tiles are perfect for water features in the backyard and the home’s entryway fountains. They are available in a wide range of designs to choose from.

Pool tile designs to make your 2022 summer season a blast!

Some of these pool tile designs may have inspired you! Remember to contact Art & Mosaics if you’re still unsure. Whether you’re looking for a new pool for your house or a remodeling project, we’re here to help. A phone call to our tile and design professionals is all it takes to get started. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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